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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Oct 5, 2014

Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward: Seekers 2: Point of Divergence.

The writing trio of David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and Dayton Ward brought us some of the most memorable 23rd-century adventures with their Vanguard series. While the story of Starbase 47 has concluded, the exploratory missions of the Endeavour and the Sagittarius continue on in the new series Star Trek: Seekers. Capturing the fun and wonder of The Original Series with a modern sensibility, Seekers returns readers to the strange new worlds that made Star Trek so popular from the start.

In this episode of Literary Treks we're joined by Kevin and Dayton, the duo behind the second book, to learn more about the Endeavour and how its crew and role differ from what we saw in Vanguard. We also learn how the two writers met and began working together, why Kang is their choice of Klingon, the future role of the Shedai metagenome and other Vanguard elements in Seekers, and much more.

In our news segment we find out how John Byrne may be bringing back Gary Seven, judge volume three of the Gold Key Archives by its cover, and review part three of The Q Gambit.



Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones



Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward


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Christopher Jones


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Is John Byrne bringing Gary Seven back? (2:06)

Judge a Book By Its Cover: Gold Key Archives Volume 3 (5:07)

City On the Edge of Forever, Part 4 now available (6:56)

Comic Review: The Q Gambit, Part 3 (8:06)

Sponsor: Audible (22:14)

Support on Patreon (25:37)


Feature: Seekers 2: Point of Divergence

Initial Thoughts (26:35)

Kevin Meets Star Trek (30:36)

Becoming a Writing Duo (39:42)

Divying the Seekers Story (45:39)

Endeavour Changes from Vanguard (53:10)

Morals, Meanings, and Messages (1:06:24)

Khatami and Kang (1:09:34)

The Shedai Metagenome (1:16:40)

What's Next for Kevin and Dayton? (1:26:07)

Closing (1:34:42)


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