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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Jul 30, 2015

Trill: Unjoined.

The Deep Space Nine book Unity left the Trill people shaken to their very core with the revelation that the parasites were actually somehow related the symbionts. With the planet in turmoil, Julian Bashir and Ezri Dax travel to Trill in hopes of unraveling the mystery of the parasites and bringing peace...

Jul 26, 2015

Mere Anarchy: The Centre Cannot Hold.

The Original Series is often seen as an anthology show since the Enterprise hops from planet to planet with no real connection to what came before. The literary universe gives the authors the opportunity to show that just because a specific mission is over that does not mean the the...

Jul 16, 2015

David R. George III: Sacraments of Fire.

When The Soul Key ended in 2009, Star Trek fans were left with a massive cliffhanger as Illiana Ghemor stood in front of the Ascendants and proclaimed; " I am the Fire." Unfortunately the story of the Ascendants arc was lost as the DS9 books caught up with the rest of the 24th...

Jul 12, 2015

New Frontier: The Returned, Part 1.

When the New Frontier series began in 1997 it was a bold experiment for Pocket Books, a series without lead characters from on of the Star Trek series. Over the years it's popularity has grown and has a loyal following which has lead to a new three part ebook series. 

In this episode...

Jul 5, 2015

Ex Machina.

The Motion Picture left Star Trek fans with as many questions as it answered and when the story picked up in The Wrath of Khan, a lot of them did not truly get adressed leaving the audience to wonder, what happened to the crew after Kirk said, "Out there..... thataway."

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