42: Beset by Serpents

David Mack: A Ceremony of Losses.

Over the past decade the prime universe has grown richly complex as print adventures have taken over where television left off. Now, in a new five-book series titled "The Fall," some of Star Trek's greatest authors are going to rock the Federation to its core with an adventure that takes place over a period of sixty days and involves TNG, DS9, and Titan.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones continue our series of interviews with the authors of The Fall as David Mack joins us to talk about his entry in the series, A Ceremony of Losses, which falls right in the middle of the saga and centers around the Andorian reproductive crisis. We learn about the genesis of his part of the story, the challenges in bringing DS9 characters back into the fold, the real-world historical bases for may aspects of the story, and a bit more about David’s upcoming books Seekers and Section 31: Disavowed. In news we get an update on Kirsten Beyer’s next Voyager novel, Protectors, and we have some Fun with Kirk and Spock.

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41: How Kirk Kept Screwing Up Our Family

The Best of Klingons.

Continuing their trend of bringing older comics to today’s audience, IDW has combined the original DC Comics Klingons #1-4 with their own five-part Klingon saga from 2007, Blood Will Tell. In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones jump into the fray with everyone’s favorite warriors to find out why the galaxy is yet again on the verge of war, debate the merits of the Gorkon Initiative, and find out why Kirk keeps screwing up one specific Klingon family. In news we take a look at a wealth of new imagery from Doug Drexler that gives insight into the new Deep Space 9, and we review the second installment of IDW’s KHAN backstory.

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40: It’s a Coup d’Yacht!

Ill Wind.

Did you know the Federation has a bi-annual solar sailing race? Neither did we. But they do, and it’s the job of Starfleet’s flagship to oversee event and make sure no one cheats. It’s all part of Ill Wind, a four-part DC comic series from 1995 penned by Diane Duane that not only delivers the fun of TNG but also a message about growing older, past regrets, and new horizons.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones join the race as we go through Ill Wind to find out about one of Picard’s favorite hobbies, locate the areas of the 1701-D with the best sensor resolution, and ask why Troi is so sleepy all the time.

In news we find out who will be writing the Data-centric follow up to Cold Equations, learn why the books in the upcoming Seekers series suddenly have titles, check in on the full 2014 slate from Pocket Books, and get an update on IDW’s plans for John Byrne’s photo comic series. 

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39: Never Misplace Your TARDIS

Horn and Ivory.

When we last left Kira she was faced with a choice of paths on a distant world in the Delta Quadrant. Two Iconian gateways offered very different escape routes from a seemingly hopeless situation. Which did she choose? Demons of Air and Darkness left a huge thread dangling—but it was by design.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones discuss the Deep Space Nine entry in the final Gateways book, What Lay Beyond, which tells the story of what happened to Kira after Taran’atar returned to the station. We explore what this short story, “Horn and Ivory,” adds to the richness of Bajor and how it helps Kira stop living in the shadow of the baseball. In news we find out what the coming year has in store for fans of The Lost Era and Section 31, and we delve into Mike Johnson’s new StarTrek.com series “Writer’s Log.” 

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