69: We Hope Margaret Is Listening

Star Trek Lit Wish List.

From James Blish's first novelizations in 1967 all the way through to Seekers in 2014, the Star Trek content brought to us in written form dwarfs the adventures seen on television and the big screen. No matter what story you're looking for, its out there somewhere. Learn the back history of your favorite character, explore an unknown corner of the Beta Quadrant, travel with new crews you've never met, and learn how the Federation was born. You can do it all in the expanded literary universe. And best of all, after more than 2,000 books, there are still countless stories to be told.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones are joined by Dan Gunther of Trek Lit Reviews to brainstorm on the future of Star Trek literature. We share with you a list of sixteen things we want to see in the years to come. Is your wish on our list?

In our news segment we find out what's next for the Titan series after the events of The Fall, share the new blurb for Lust's Latinum Lost and Found, and review the first issue of IDW's new doctor-centric Tricorder X-Prize spectacular, Flesh and Stone.



The Titan Story Continues (2:10)

Want Some Lust and Latinum? (4:43)

Review: Flesh and Stone, Part 1 (7:06)

Sponsor: Audible (19:19)


Feature: Star Trek Lit Wish List

Overview (22:12)

Mirror Universe Stories (24:45)

More Movie-Era Books (30:21)

The Second Federation (32:07)

Focus on Pike (36:01)

More Lost Era Stories (39:43)

Rise of the Federation Continues (44:06)

Star Trek: Travis (48:00)

Proper Conclusion to New Frontier (49:20)

More DS9 Focus (52:40)

Star Trek B-Sides (57:30)

More S.C.E. eBooks (1:00:28)

More Big Series (1:03:35)

Bring Back the Audiobooks! (1:07:04)

More Myriad Universes Stories (1:10:48)

Consistant Diversity (1:12:58)

Historical Specials (1:15:54)

Final Thoughts (1:19:28)

Closing (1:22:13)

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68: Did I Just Say Pshaw?

The More Things Change.

Spock's encounter with V'ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture had a profound impact on the Vulcan and his interactions with those around him. We didn't get to see this effect on screen, but Scott Pearson's new eNovella The More Things Change gives us a glimpse of Spock's life six months after TMP. With an ailing Audrid Dax in need of medical treatment from Trill doctors, Spock and Doctor Christine Chapel must transport the mysterious alien commissioner to a rendezvous with a Trill medical ship. The journey is not an easy one, however, and an alien attack puts the relationship between Spock and Chapel to the test, while at the same time forcing Christine to violate another culture's rules and uncover a shocking truth about the Trill—they are a joined species.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones are joined by Dan Gunther of Trek Lit Reviews to discuss The More Things Change, whether the eNovella format gives Pearson enough room to explore his concept, why Dax is in the story, and whether the real purpose is to explore Spock and Chapel or merely Chapel herself.

In our news segment we take a look at the Star Trek Pop-ups book and review the first issue of The Q Gambit, IDW's crossover of Q and the Abramsverse.

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67: Beasts and Butterflies Dot Com

Lost Apollo.

With the five-year mission finally underway, IDW's Star Trek Ongoing comics are set to deliver strange new worlds that harken back to the true flavor of The Original Series. Lost Apollo tells the story of an American astronaut from NASA's Apollo program who the Enterprise crew discovers on an alien world nearly 300 years after he lifted off from the moon. (Yes, from the moon… turns out NASA was up to more than the public knew.)

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones take you through the two-parter, penned by Mike Johnson with art by Erfan Fajar, and discuss how it captures the spirit of the original television series so well that it can almost be read as part of the Prime Universe, not just the Abramsverse. We also share our thoughts on the story, imagine the tourism campaign for this distant and colorful world, and try to avoid the details of what Captain Kirk and Carol Marcus are doing in the decon chamber.

In our news segment we run down the 2015 Star Trek books release schedule, ponder why we aren't getting more dedicated Deep Space Nine novels, and take a sneak peak at Fun with Kirk and Spock.



2015 Star Trek Books Release Schedule (3:35)

Sneak Peak at Fun with Kirk and Spock (21:08)

Sponsor: Audible (26:43)


Feature: Lost Apollo

Part 1 (29:53)

Part 2 (50:06)

Closing (1:08:57)

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