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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

May 29, 2016

The Last Will Be First: Tristan Riddell.

On November 17th, 2012 a new show was added to the network that was dedicated to the books and comics of Star Trek and that would also allow the authors a place to come and talk about their work, giving fans behind-the-scenes access to the stories. With Strange New Worlds...

May 22, 2016

Elusive Salvation: Dayton Ward.

In 2013, the novel From History’s Shadow was released, in which author Dayton Ward linked together all of the disparate 20th century Star Trek time travel events in a fun and unique story. It was very well-received, and many readers asked one question over and over: when do we get a...

May 8, 2016

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1.

Superheroes in Star Trek? Star Trek has attempted a number of ambitious crossovers in the comic world in recent years. The universes of Doctor Who, Planet of the Apes, and Green Lantern have all been visited by our intrepid Starfleet heroes. These are always a fun diversion from...

May 1, 2016

Kobayashi Maru.

One of the things that disappointed fans the most when Enterprise was canceled was the loss of seeing the Romulan War play out, so as the relaunch hit it’s stride it continued the series’ build into that storyline.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Bruce Gibson are joined by...