66: No Longer Pinocchio

Jeffrey Lang: Immortal Coil.

For most of Data's existence he was a subculture of one. He was alone in the universe as a unique being with a unique future. Over the course of his life he went from being the son to being the caretaker in a sense. Once Data gained emotions, he had to come to terms with the understanding that he would outlive everyone around him. His life would, potentially, go on forever. In his 2002 novel Immortal Coil, Jeffrey Lang tackled this reality as Data deals with the death of his "mother," Julianna Tainer, and learns the astonishing secret of artificial intelligence that stretches far back into the galaxy's past.

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones are joined by Jeffrey Lang to discuss the book, what he wanted to achieve in moving Data forward beyond Generations and First Contact (the latest film at the the novel was written), and how the concept of responsibility is dealt with in the Star Trek universe. In our news segment we check in on Jeffrey's new book, The Light Fantastic, and Scott Pearson's The More Things Change.

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65: The Night Belongs to the Mugato

Serpents In the Garden.

In the classic episode "A Private Little War," Captain Kirk took it upon himself to balance the power between two factions on a primitive world when it is discovered that the Klingons are backing one side. It was a story that demanded a follow-up, but one never came. Until now. In his new novel Serpents In the Garden, Jeff Mariotte puts now-Admiral Kirk back into battle on Neural when it is learned that the Klingons may once more be interfering in the planet's affairs. Taking matters into his own hands yet again, Kirk embarks on a secret mission to expose the Klingons while trying to minimize the damage that he may have caused decades earlier.

In this episode of Literary Treks we're joined by Dan Gunther of Trek Lit Reviews to discuss the book, the use of red shirts, an invicible Kirk, and a more mugatos than you can shake a fire stick at. We also explore the naivity of intervention and how the story both succeeds and fails depending on how you approach it.

In our news segment we share initial thoughts on IDW's graphic adaptation of Harlan Ellison's original script for "The City On the Edge of Forever," learn about Highscore Music's upcoming German audio drama adaptation of Death In Winter, and take a peek at IDW's September Star Trek comics lineup. 

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64: A Sense of Isolation

David R. George III: One Constant Star.

Many fans know Demora Sulu merely as the daughter of Hikaru and helmsman of the Enterprise-B. We only catch a glimpse of her in Generations, but as the literary universe has evolved we've come to know her through novels like The Captain's Daughter and Serpents Among the Ruins. For David R. George III, Demora has been an important character and the relationship between her and Captain John Harriman has been central to his view of the Lost Era—the time period between 2293 and 2369. Returning to the Lost Era for the first time in nine years, David's new novel brings us back to Demora, who is now captain of the Enterprise-B.

In this episode of Literary Treks, Dan Gunther of TrekLit Reviews sits in for Matthew as we're joined by David to discuss the genesis of the novel, his goals in exploring the relationship between Demora, Hikaru, and Harriman, what it was like returning to the Lost Era after writing so much 24th-century political fatigue, the sense of isolation that pervades Demora's life, and the sense of responsibility that friends and colleagues have for one another. In our news segment we look Cross Cult's covers for a new German edition of Greg Cox's Eugenics Wars duology.

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63: Worfan the Barbarian

The Killing Shadows.

What do you get when you cross Star Trek with G.I. Joe, Xena Warrior Princess, and ancient Japanese culture? Easy. You get WildStorm's four-part comic series The Killing Shadows. Published between November 2000 and February 2001, The Killing Shadows is a story about a mysterious alien invasion force, free will, and fighting. But mostly fighting. It was the second and final dedicated TNG comic series published by WildStorm, and features the return of an unlikely ally.

In this episode of Literary Treks we're joined by the crew of Earl Grey—Phillip Gilfus, Darren Moser, and Daniel Proulx—to discuss this unusual adventure, the telepathic capabilities of Vulcan, Romulans, and Betazoids, questionable Klingon fashion sense, and why you should be careful not to let comic stunt doubles wander into the frame.

In news we find out about Scott Pearson's upcoming TOS eNovella The More Things Change, and take a quick first look at Star Trek Ongoing #33, "Lost Apollo, Part 1."

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