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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Aug 31, 2014

Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit.

When Deep Space Nine premiered, the stated goal of the Starfleet presence on the station and the purpose Sisko's mission was to prepare Bajor for Federation membership. As the series went on, this came close to happening once; but a warning from the Emissary put the issue on the backburner. Then the Dominion War happened. With all of that now in the past—and with other loose ends from "What You Leave Behind" either wrapped up or at least addressed—Mission Gamma sets Bajor back on a course for Federation membership and provides DS9 with a new TOS-like initiative to seek out new life and strange new worlds.

In the episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones continue our look at Mission Gamma with the second book, This Gray Spirit. We discuss Ezri's search for her place in the line of Dax hosts, Shar's continued struggle with his place in the unique Andorian reproductive crisis, and how the Yrythyan society of the Gamma Quadrant could hold the keys for solutions to both. We also explore the legacy of Ziyal, the intricacies of Bajoran-Cardassian-Federation politicals, and what it means to be part of the Federation. Plus, we decide whether kelp cakes are a good choice for breakfast and find out why much of the book feels like it takes place inside a Gaylord hotel.

In our news segment we judge Lust's Latinum Lost and Found by its cover, check in on The Trek Collective's interview with Star Trek: Seekers artist Rob Caswell, and state the case for the USS Titan being part of the Official Starships Collection.


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Lust's Latinum Lost and Found cover revealed (3:04)

The Trek Collective interviews Seekers artist Rob Caswell (9:47)

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Feature: Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit

Initial Thoughts (23:20)

Do We Want Strange New Worlds from DS9? (29:07)

The Yrythny Caste System and the Defiant Visita Costco (36:07)

Political Games of Bajor, Cardassia, and the Federation (43:32)

What Does It Mean to Be Part of the Federation? (55:32)

Finding Ezri Dax (59:34)

An Andorian Soap Opera? (1:04:48)

Final Thoughts (1:10:14)

Closing (1:14:24)