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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Feb 28, 2024

David Mack: Firewall. 
With the release of Star Trek: Picard the questions of what happened to our favorite characters from shows like Deep Space Nine and Voyager was once again up in the air and the introduction of Seven of Nine to the show made the questions around her history after the series even more mysterious.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts, Matthew, Casey and Jonathan welcome author David Mack to discuss his new Picard era novel, Firewall. We discus the background of the story, writing in the Picard timeline, Seven’s emotions, an anchor, getting in the way, new characters, the spy element, staying true, the framing device, production, making the map, what’s next for David and our final thoughts. 

In the news section we discuss two newly announced books for 2024!
Book News (00:01:43)               

Feature: David Mack
The Background of This Story (00:09:45)
Writing in the Picard Timeline (00:13:18)
Seven’s Emotions (00:20:25)
An Anchor (00:30:40)
Getting in the Way (00:36:50)
New Characters (00:41:33)
The Spy Element (00:46:16)
Staying True (00:54:34)
Framing Device (00:56:39)
The Production of the Book (01:00:54)
Making the Map (01:05:08)
What is Coming Next (01:08:54)
Final Thoughts (01:18:08)         

Matthew Rushing, Casey Pettitt and Jonathan Koan 

David Mack

Matthew Rushing (Editor and Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Greg Rozier (Associate Producer) Casey Pettitt (Associate Producer)