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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Jul 16, 2015

David R. George III: Sacraments of Fire.

When The Soul Key ended in 2009, Star Trek fans were left with a massive cliffhanger as Illiana Ghemor stood in front of the Ascendants and proclaimed; " I am the Fire." Unfortunately the story of the Ascendants arc was lost as the DS9 books caught up with the rest of the 24th century in the Typhon Pact series. that is, until now. 

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther welcome author David R. George III back to discuss is latest DS9 novel, Sacraments of Fire which begins the final arc of the Ascendants story. We talk about stitching together the DS9 quilt, what goes where, the different faces of faith, Ro's growth, a place for Sisko, the many plot threads, the new DS9, tidbits about Ascendance and where to find David online.



Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther



David R. George III


Editor and Producer 

Matthew Rushing 

Richard Marquez


Executive Producers

Norman C. Lao and C Bryan Jones


Associate Producers

Will Nguyen

Ken Tripp


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



Comic News from ComicCon (00:01:57)


Feature: David R. George III

David at ComicCon (00:08:28)

Stitching Together the Quilt (00:11:15)

What Goes Where (00:21:05)

Ro Grows (00:35:23)

A Place for Sisko (00:45:27)

So Many Plots (00:53:22)

Time on the New DS9 (00:58:16)

Tidbits About Ascendance (01:06:18)

Closing (01:17:26)


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