95: The Sith Lords of Star Trek

Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil.

Season 8 of the DS9 relaunch is quickly coming to a close as Mission Gamma comes to an end. On their way home, Elias Vaughn and the crew of the USS Defiant make a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Kira Nerys pursues Shakaar Edon's supposed assassin to Trill, while Ro Laren, Admiral Akaar and General Lenaris investigate why Hiziki Gard assassinated the Bajoran leader.

In this episode of Literary Treks Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther dive into Lesser Evil, the last book in the Mission Gamma series. We discuss our initial thoughts, how DS9 makes things their own, the hardest part of the book to read, the fast-paced plot and our ratings.

In the news segment we pay our respects to Leonard Nimoy by talking about some of the best Spock books, then move to recent comic issues of the Apes/Trek crossover, Ongoing #42 and New Visions #5.  



Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


Editor and Producer 

Matthew Rushing 

Richard Marquez


Associate Producers

Will Nguyen

Lisa Stevens

Kenneth Trip


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Remembering Leonard Nimoy through Spock Books (00:02:16)


Apes/Trek 3 (00:12:42)

Ongoing #42: Behemoth Part 2 (00:17:46)

New Visions #5 (00:21:45)

Spock's World

Reflections comic

Spock Must Die

Troublesome Minds

Devil's Bargain 

The Fire and the Rose

The Sorrows of Empire

Vulcan's Soul Trilogy

Feature: Mission Gamma

Wrapping up Mission Gamma (00:29:29)

First Thoughts (00:31:06)

DS9 Makes Things Their Own (00:36:37)

Hardest Part of the Book (00:41:19)

Fast-Paced (00:46:13)

Ratings (00:55:37)

Closing (00:59:07)


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