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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Feb 28, 2016


The TOS movie era is a period of Star Trek history rife with story possibilities. Kirk’s crew aboard the Enterprise-A has been through a lot together, and that experience has molded them into some of Starfleet’s most valuable officers. Imagine if a television series had been set in this period. The episodes...

Feb 21, 2016

The Ashes of Eden.

In 1995, the first novel of what came to be known as the “Shatner-verse” hit bookshelves. This book spawned a series that would last for ten books and twelve years, featuring all-new adventures about James T. Kirk, penned by William Shatner himself. Journey with us back in time as we take a look...

Feb 7, 2016

A Pocket Full of Lies: Kirsten Beyer.

Ever since Full Circle hit bookshelves in 2009, the Voyager relaunch novels under Kirsten Beyer have become a highlight of the Star Trek novel line. In this, the 50th anniversary year of Star Trek, the bar is raised once again as another stellar Voyager novel continues the story of...