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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Nov 24, 2014

David Mack: Section 31: Disavowed.

Doctor Bashir’s entanglement with the Federation’s secretive rogue agency has not turned out well for him over the years, and  he even sacrificed his career for a chance to infiltrate the group and destroy it from within. Now, in a direct follow-up to the events of The Fall,...

Nov 16, 2014


When it comes to Star Trek books, few fans consider them canon. It’s understandable, especially with novels written during the run of a series on television. But sometimes a book comes along that almost has to be taken as canon because of who wrote it. During Voyager’s third season, series co-creator Jeri...

Nov 11, 2014

Romulans: Schism

What started as a simple Romulan entry in IDW’s Alien Spotlight series led to one of the most epic Star Trek comic storylines. With direct ties to one of the great onscreen mysteries—the sharing of ship designs by the Romulans and the Klingons—John Byrne’s yarn enriches the Star Trek universe,...

Nov 2, 2014

Q Are Cordially Uninvited.

If you’ve been reading the post-Nemesis world of Star Trek, you know that Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher are married. And we mean for real—none of that “All Good Things…” alternate future stuff. But the wedding itself has gone missing as the story has unfolded. Just what...