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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Jan 29, 2015

Slings and Arrows: A Weary Life.

The TNG episode Second Chances gave us a duplicate of William Riker and the DS9 episode Defiant left that duplicate, Tom in a Cardassian prison. What we never got a chance to see was the effect all of these things had on Will until the Slings and Arrows' entry, A Weary Life. 

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Jan 23, 2015

The Q Gambit.

Star Trek Ongoing has finally made it to the five year mission and their first experience is completely unexpected when an "Old Friend" from the prime universe shows up and it's Q. What happens next sends the Enterprise to Terok Nor and mixes the crew with some of our favorite characters from Deep Space...

Jan 16, 2015

Mission Gamma: Cathedral.

Things on Deep Space Nine and in the Gamma Quadrant are heating up. Bajor looks to finally join the Federation while at the same time talks with Cardassia about formal relations have stalled. On the Defiant Bashir, Nog and Ezri all face issues that may radically alter their lives forever after...

Jan 11, 2015

Harlan Ellison's City on the Edge of Forever.

Since 1967 fans have loved The City on the Edge of Forever yet from the beginning there was controversy with writer Harlan Ellison over rewrites and was not resolved till 2009 when Ellison's lawsuit was finalized to his satisfaction. 

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