27: Star Trek Treasure Rivals

Deep Space Nine: Fool's Gold.

Some comics read like, well, comics. Short reads that leave you wanting more. On the other hand, some comics read like episodes and make you wish the story had been put on the screen. Such is the case with IDW's first DS9 miniseries "Fool's Gold." This story of Cardassian deceit, hidden treasure, and a map the size of the station itself pulls you into the world of fourth-season Deep Space Nine and takes you on a fascinating adventure. In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones go along for the ride as Sisko and his crew try to unravel the mystery of a station overrun with "sightseers" and get help from unlikely sources.

In our news segment we learn that Star Wars author John Jackson Miller plans to cross over to the Trek Side for some Titan-sized fun, get details about Una McCormack's entry in The Fall series, The Crimson Shadow, scream "KHAAAN!!!" with IDW, find out what is Ongoing for the Romulans and Klingons, and explore a new collection of comic adventures from the many authors and publishers who have had their hands in Trek over the years. 

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