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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Feb 24, 2015

The Gorn Crisis.

The Original Series of Star Trek gave us many aliens that became iconic, even though they may have only been seen once or twice. Andoians, Tellarites, Tholians and of course, the Gorn. Seen only two times in Star Trek, the Gorn have become fan favorites.

In this episode of Literary Treks Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther talk about the comic series, The Gorn Crisis. We discuss the story, if the comic captures the TNG characters, the art work, the impact this comic has on the novels and our ratings. 

In the news segment we talk about the latest issue of Star Trek Ongoing: Behemoth and the upcoming May comics. 



Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


Editor and Producer 

Matthew Rushing 

Richard Marquez


Associate Producers

Will Nguyen

Lisa Stevens

Kenneth Trip


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Star Trek Ongoing Behemoth (00:02:27)

May Comics (00:09:33)


Feature: The Gorn Crisis

The Gorn Crisis (00:15:12)

The Story (00:16:33)

Characterization (00:41:11)

The Art (00:45:13)

The Impact (00:49:03)

Ratings (00:50:42)

Closing (00:52:57)


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