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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Dec 20, 2014

Department of Temporal Investigations: The Collectors.

The first time we met agents Lucsly and Dulmer in Trials and Tribble-ations no one expected them to star in their own novel series, yet that's exactly what Christopher L. Bennett did. He took these dull, funny men and created some of Treklit's most memorable adventures in Watching The Clock and Forgotten History.

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther discuss the latest book in the DTI series, The Collectors. We discuss Dan's thoughts on the first two books, how DTI could work as ebooks moving forward, the themes of change and letting go as well as timelines we'd love to see explored.

In the news section, we remind everyone about the Q Gambit's penultimate issue release, Una McCormack's upcoming DS9 book The Missing and lastly wish everyone a Happy Holiday's.



Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


Editor and Producer 

Matthew Rushing 

Richard Marquez


Associate Producers

Will Nguyen and Lisa Stevens


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



The Penultimate Q Gambit is out (00:03:17)

The Missing (00:04:11)

Happy Holidays and the New Year (00:08:30)


Feature: The Collectors

The Collectors (00:11:02)  

The First Two DTI Books (00:11:24)  

DTI as an Ebook Series? (00:13:14)  

Always a Bigger Fish (00:19:22)  

The Future Ain't What it Use to Be (00:24:05)  

Time to Change or to Let Go (00:30:44)  

And Now For Something Completely Different (00:37:21)  

Different Timelines (00:40:03)  

Closing (00:44:25)  


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