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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Aug 17, 2014

Intelligence Gathering, Part 2.

On the timeline of The Next Generation, "The Next Phase" took place on Stardate 45892.4 and "The Inner Light" on 45944.1. So what happened during the days and weeks in between? As we learned in the first part of Intelligence Gathering, there's another dam story to be told. But not all of it takes place at an actual dam. Once that labor dispute was put to rest, the Enterprise headed off on yet another unexpected journey that turned out to be part of a very convoluted whole.

In this episode of Literary Treks Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones continue our walk through Scott & David Tipton's five-part series to learn why you should always listen to a seasoned old engineer, avoid kickboxing with Ro, seek out Riker if you've fallen under mind control, and why Romulans really need to work on their communication skills.

In our news segment we judge David Mack's upcoming Section 31 novel Disavowed by its cover, get an update on the future of Star Trek: Seekers, and learn that a sequel to From History's Shadow may be on the way. We also dig into more comics as we review both the second part of IDW's The Q Gambit and John Byrne's latest New Visions photo comic, "Time's Echo."


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First look at the cover of David Mack's Section 31: Disavowed (6:07)

Star Trek: Seekers confirmed for two more books (10:21)

Dayton Ward says a sequel to From History's Shadow in the works (11:45)

Comic Review: The Q Gambit, Part 2 (14:09)

Comic Review: New Visions "Time's Echo" (25:14)

Preston Neal Jones talks to Dan Gunther about Return to Tomorrow (32:48)


Feature: Intelligence Gathering, Part 2

Previously on Star Trek: The Next Generation (37:53)

That's No Moon… It's Spacedock! (39:23)

Geordi and O'Brien Meet an Olde Tyme Engineer (42:51)

Rockin' Over to the USS Jackson (44:59)

Pestering Possessed Pakleds (53:50)

Sweet Talking Deanna (57:40)

Those Mysterious, Obvious Romulans (1:01:33)

Gateway to Hell (1:07:16)

Closing (1:15:20)