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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Aug 10, 2014

Intelligence Gathering, Part 1.

While each season gave us a glimpse at numerous missions of the Enterprise-D, there were no doubt many more eventful days for the crew that we never heard about. Set between the fifth-season episodes "The Next Phase" and "The Inner Light," IDW's Intelligence Gathering fills in some of the blanks from mid-to-late TNG. Penned by the writing duo of Scott & David Tipton with art by David Messina, these five issues show us an untold entanglement between the Enterprise and the Romulans as we are taken through several seemingly distinct stories.

In this episode of Literary Treks Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones walk through the first two issues of the five-part series to learn more about the Federation's follow-up to Memory Alpha, why jet skis aren't just for water anymore, and how much of Worf's character growth on The Next Generation wasn't seen on the screen, but rather in comics. We also discuss why Data is the Master of PowerPoint, why privacy doors were installed on later versions of the holodeck, and why the Federation flagship is being sent to resolve a labor dispute involving a dam.

In our news segment we try to figure out why Star Trek and Planet of the Apes are a perfect match that's long overdue, get some more tidbits from Peter David about a new New Frontier, and touch on the second part of The City on the Edge of Forever from IDW and John Byrne's latest photo comic, Time's Echo.


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Star Trek meets Planet of the Apes (3:29)

Peter David confirms new New Frontier (8:03)

The City on the Edge of Forever Part 2 now available (9:20)

John Byrne's Time's Echo now available (11:42)

Sponsor: Audible (14:16)


Feature: Intelligence Gathering, Part 1

Lost Stories from TNG Season Five (16:29)

Daystrom One Is ALIVE! (22:32)

Mystery Attackers (32:19)

Another Dam Mission (40:42)

Diplomatic Worf (44:31)

Final Thoughts (53:46)

Closing (56:46)