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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Aug 3, 2014

Jeffrey Lang: The Light Fantastic.

When Data sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise crew in Nemesis, we all thought it was the end of the beloved android. But in Cold Equations, David Mack gave Data a second chance at life and opened the door to new possibilities. Now, in The Light Fantastic, Jeffrey Lang continues the story—which was in fact started in his own 2002 novel Immortal Coil—as Data and Lal find themselves facing off against a familiar foe from their days aboard the Enterprise-D: Moriarty.

In this episode of Literary Treks we're joined by Jeff to talk about the origins of the story, whether or not Sherlock was an inspiration for parts of the concept, the idea that Data may be an android version of a Trill, and how dealing with adolescene plays a key role in Data's new life. We also find out why Data is like saffron and where the story might go next.

In our news segment we learn more about John Jackson Miller's upcoming story Takedown, the forthcoming limited-edition book Return to Tomorrow that will take back to the making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture through interviews from the time, and we dress the final frontier.


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Riker prepares to Takedown Picard (1:55)

Making The Motion Picture with Return to Tomorrow (6:21)

Dressing the Final Frontier (10:56)

Sponsor: Audible (15:21)


Feature: The Light Fantastic with Jeffrey Lang

The Origins of The Light Fantastic (18:52)

Like an Episode of Sherlock (24:26)

An Android Version of a Trill? (28:35)

Like Saffron (33:17)

Vic, The Doctor, and Moriarty (36:30)

Written By a Dad (45:32)

Dealing with Adolescence (51:23)

Developing Geordi, Love Life and More (55:44)

Continuity Touchstones (1:01:59)

Where Might the Story Go Next? (1:08:22)

What's Next for Jeff? (1:14:37)

Closing (1:19:36)