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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Jun 15, 2014

David R. George III: One Constant Star.

Many fans know Demora Sulu merely as the daughter of Hikaru and helmsman of the Enterprise-B. We only catch a glimpse of her in Generations, but as the literary universe has evolved we've come to know her through novels like The Captain's Daughter and Serpents Among the Ruins. For David R. George III, Demora has been an important character and the relationship between her and Captain John Harriman has been central to his view of the Lost Era—the time period between 2293 and 2369. Returning to the Lost Era for the first time in nine years, David's new novel brings us back to Demora, who is now captain of the Enterprise-B.

In this episode of Literary Treks, Dan Gunther of TrekLit Reviews sits in for Matthew as we're joined by David to discuss the genesis of the novel, his goals in exploring the relationship between Demora, Hikaru, and Harriman, what it was like returning to the Lost Era after writing so much 24th-century political fatigue, the sense of isolation that pervades Demora's life, and the sense of responsibility that friends and colleagues have for one another. In our news segment we look Cross Cult's covers for a new German edition of Greg Cox's Eugenics Wars duology.