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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Jun 16, 2013

The Enterprise Experiment.

As series finales go "Turnabout Intruder" wasn't much of one. But that's because it wasn't at all the end of the journey. Sadly the five-year mission of the Enterprise got cut short for those of us watching on the tube. But certainly there were more missions that followed Kirk's little body-switching adventure. In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones explore the five-part comic series Star Trek: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment and one such mission. Penned by TOS writer D.C. Fontana, The Enterprise Experiment pulls together elements from three famous Original Series episodes and mixes it with more modern Star Trek legends to create a story worthy of the big screen.

In our news segment we check in on Christopher L. Bennett's Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures, Star Trek Ongoing #22, and IDW's plans for a second release of the Black, Blue, and Red Label editions of Ongoing.