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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Aug 6, 2015

New Frontier: The Returned Part 2.

Part one of The Returned left us with a classic cliffhanger as Calhoun and his crew had traveled to a pocket universe in hot pursuit of the aliens responsible for the genocide of the Xenexians and to rescue the Starfleet personnel they had taken hostage.   

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther discuss The Returned Part 2. We talk about as the universe turns, how the story is for a long-time reader, it's a trap, a captain on the edge, a lively universe, a surprising guest, being in middle book purgatory, permanent political classes, the fight for survival and the good that men don't do.

In the new segment we discuss the latest issue of Star Trek Ongoing #48



Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


Editor and Producer 

Matthew Rushing 

Richard Marquez


Executive Producers

Norman C. Lao and C Bryan Jones


Associate Producers

Will Nguyen

Ken Tripp


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



Ongoing #48 (00:02:06)


Feature: The Returned Part 2

As the Universe Turns (00:10:45)

How is the Story? (00:11:26)

It's a Trap! (00:14:11)

Captain on the Edge (00:18:31)

A Lively Universe (00:23:02)

A Surprise Guest Star (00:25:52)

Middle Book Purgatory (00:29:49)

Permanent Political Class (00:31:19)

Fight for Survival (00:35:18)

The Good That Men Don't Do (00:39:09)

Wrapping Up (00:43:15)



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