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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Dec 22, 2019

Dave Galanter: Dead Endless.

While Stamets leads the U.S.S. Discovery through the mycelial network, an error occurs, and the starship becomes trapped within the network. A mysterious stranger, calling out to Stamets, appears to be a human Starfleet officer, but the crew can't be sure. With the starship's hull suffering under the onslaught of the inhabitants of the network, can Stamets and the rest of the crew of Discovery escape in time?

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson are joined by author Dave Galanter to discuss his new Discovery novel Dead Endless. We talk about how the story came about, the setting of this story, the relationship between Hugh Culber and Paul Stamets, the mysterious Ephraim, the secondary characters in the story, the bond between a trio of great characters, and end with where Dave can be found online and what he is working on now.

At the top of the show, we review the new Voyager mirror universe comic Mirrors and Smoke, and respond to your feedback from The Babel Conference for Literary Treks 290: I Want All the Spock.

VGR: Mirrors and Smoke Comic Review (00:02:35)
Listener Feedback (00:25:22)

Feature: Dave Galanter
Crafting the Novel (00:27:22)
Secret Hints in the Books (00:35:33)
The Tragedy of Culber (00:42:29)
Love to the Other Characters (00:47:04)
The Casting of Discovery (00:56:38)
Ephraim (01:01:49)
Hugh Is Right For Paul (01:09:05)
Writing a Gay Love Story (01:16:18)
Getting the Voice of the Characters (01:22:38)
Saru-Burnham-Georgiou Bond (01:26:42)
Easter Egg at the End (01:31:45)
Final Words from Dave (01:36:43)
Final Thoughts (01:48:14)

Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson

Dave Galanter

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