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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Mar 17, 2019

Old Wounds.

Voyager is back in the alpha quadrant and ready to take on new missions for the Federation! Under the command of newly-promoted Captain Chakotay, Voyager sets off with a group of former colonists to make contact with Loran II, their home and a former Maquis colony that has gone silent. Accompanying them on the journey is Chakotay's sister, Sekaya, who's spiritual guidance is sorely needed by the former inhabitants of Loran II, who aren't sure what Voyager will find when they reach their old home: their loved ones, safe and sound, or more bodies to add to the toll that the Dominion War took on the Alpha Quadrant.

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson are joined Brandi Jackola to discuss Old Wounds by Christie Golden. We talk about new tensions among the Voyager crew, Torres and Paris taking a side quest on Boreth, Harry and Libby's tumultuous relationship, what the rest of the old crew is up to in the Alpha Quadrant, Voyager's mission to Loran II, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

At the top of the show, Dan and Bruce review issue #2 of IDW's Star Trek: The Q Conflict, and respond to your feedback from the Babel Conference on Literary Treks 260: Sorry to All the Sela Fans.

The Q Conflict #2 Review (00:02:49)
Listener Feedback (00:16:55)

Feature: Old Wounds
New Tensions Among the Crew (00:26:07)
Torres and Paris on Boreth (00:36:10)
Libby and Harry (00:46:07)
The Other Former Crew Members (00:51:57)
The Trill Host of Kaz (00:56:47)
The Huanni Counselor (01:08:12)
Chakotay's Sister, Sekaya (01:11:07)
The Sky Spirits (01:17:26)
Sexualization Problem (01:21:02)
Ratings (01:28:01)
Final Thoughts (01:33:44)

Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson

Brandi Jackola

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