149: Dayton’s Prime Directive

Elusive Salvation: Dayton Ward.

In 2013, the novel From History’s Shadow was released, in which author Dayton Ward linked together all of the disparate 20th century Star Trek time travel events in a fun and unique story. It was very well-received, and many readers asked one question over and over: when do we get a follow-up? Well, three years later, Dayton has delivered!

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther are joined by author Dayton Ward to talk about his latest book Elusive Salvation. We discuss the title, continuing in history’s shadow, new aliens, where to go, the timey-whimy, Roberta Lincoln, cheekiness, SPOILERS, the importance of hope, a pop question, what’s next for Dayton and where to find him online.

For the news segment we talk though third issues of Manifest Destiny and Legacy of Spock as well as take a look at the cover for Best Defense and discuss the blurb.

Manifest Destiny #3 (00:02:52)
Legacy of Spock #3 (00:06:29)
Best Defense Cover and Blurb (00:10:14)

Feature: Elusive Salvation
The Title (00:16:08)
Continuing in History’s Shadow (00:17:18)
New Aliens (00:19:57)
Where to Go (00:19:57)
Timey-Whimey (00:26:51)
Roberta Lincoln (00:31:57)
Cheekiness (00:33:40)
SPOILERS (00:38:27)
The Importance of Hope (00:49:24)
Pop Question (00:51:29)
What’s Next (01:03:01)
Dayton Online (01:10:34)
Final Thoughts (01:12:03)

Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther

Dayton Ward

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