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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Jul 17, 2016

Captain to Captain.

Landmark anniversary years are traditionally a big deal in the Star Trek book world. For the 40th anniversary, we got the amazing Crucible trilogy of novels, as well as an epic multi-part e-book story with Mere Anarchy. It makes sense that for this, the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we get another mini-series showcasing the Original Series: Legacies, a trilogy of novels featuring a mystery that dates back to the earliest days of the Enterprise under Captain Robert April!

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing, Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson talk about the first book in the Legacies trilogy, Captain to Captain. We discuss a brand new series, previously on the Space Ship Enterprise, legacies, slugs, parallels, the transfer key and connections, The Prime Directive, legacy of the Enterprise, ratings and final thoughts.

In the news segment we remind everyone that Rules of Accusation has come out!

Rules of Accusation (00:02:51)

Feature: Captain to Captain
A Brand New Series (00:08:58)
Previously on the Space Ship Enterprise (00:14:03)
Legacies (00:23:44)
Slugs (00:26:05)
Parallels (00:29:53)
Transfer Key and Connections (00:34:57)
The Prime Directive (00:43:01)
Legacy of the Enterprise (00:49:15)
Ratings (00:54:12)
Final Thoughts (00:58:50)

Matthew Rushing, Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson

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