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Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Jun 19, 2016

Force and Motion: Jeffrey Lang.

A buddy-buddy cop movie featuring Nog and O’Brien: what more could die-hard fans of Deep Space Nine wish for? Of course, as we all know, trouble finds these two whenever they leave the station together, and this week’s novel adventure is no different! Throw in disgraced former Captain Ben Maxwell, and you have the makings of a fascinating story exploring an interesting corner of the Star Trek universe!

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther are joined by Jeffrey Lang to talk about his latest Deep Space Nine novel, Force and Motion. We discuss being back in DS9, a unique story, losing a bro, Benjamin Maxwell, the psychology of Star Trek, an eccentric station, flashbacks and what’s next for Jeff. Note, interview does contain a few colorful metaphors.

In the new segment we talk about the finales of Manifest Destiny and Legacy of Spock.


Manifest Destiny #4 (00:03:00)
Legacy of Spock #4 (00:08:13)

Feature: Jeffrey Lang
Been a While (00:15:25)
Back to DS9 (00:16:10)
A Unique Story (00:21:25)
Lost His Bro (00:32:46)
Speaking of Maxwell (00:36:18)
The Psychology of Star Trek (00:41:48)
Eccentric Station (00:50:48)
Flashbacks (00:59:40)
Up Next (01:06:36)
Final Thoughts (01:14:49)

Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther

Jeffrey Lang

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