73: Like Red Lantern Sith

David Mack: Seekers 1: Second Nature.

The writing trio of David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and Dayton Ward brought us some of the most memorable 23rd-century adventures with their Vanguard series. While the story of Starbase 47 has concluded, the exploratory missions of the Endeavour and the Sagittarius continue on in the new series Star Trek: Seekers. Capturing the fun and wonder of The Original Series with a modern sensibility, Seekers returns readers to the strange new worlds that made Star Trek so popular from the start.

In this episode of Literary Treks we're joined by David Mack to learn more about the first book, Second Nature, along with the background story of how Seekers was born. We find out how the new series differs from Vanguard, how he and the team of Dilmore and Ward decided who would write which ship, how the first story turns TOS on its head, and more. We also discuss matters of faith and the challenges of writing captains that are not simply pseudo-Kirks.

In our news segment we judge the upcoming Ships of the Line book by its cover, debate digital versus print for the second volume of the Gold Key comics restoration, and even take some Hot Wheels for a spin.


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New Ships of the Line book cover revelead (2:52)

IDW's Gold Key Archives, Volume 2 due out in October (8:09)

Sponsor: Audible (12:20)


Feature: David Mack: Seekers 1: Second Nature

Based On an Imaginary TV Shows (16:18)

How Does Seekers Differ from Vanguard? (28:53)

Divvying Up Ships and Storylines (34:36)

Turning TOS On Its Head (41:30)

The Needs of the Many and Matters of Faith (47:15)

Writing Captains (52:37)

Bringing Together Different Writing Styles (57:28)

Evolving Klingons in the 23rd Century (59:48)

The Future of Seekers (1:03:00)

What's Next for David? (1:09:44)

Closing (1:15:33)

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