40: It’s a Coup d’Yacht!

Ill Wind.

Did you know the Federation has a bi-annual solar sailing race? Neither did we. But they do, and it’s the job of Starfleet’s flagship to oversee event and make sure no one cheats. It’s all part of Ill Wind, a four-part DC comic series from 1995 penned by Diane Duane that not only delivers the fun of TNG but also a message about growing older, past regrets, and new horizons.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones join the race as we go through Ill Wind to find out about one of Picard’s favorite hobbies, locate the areas of the 1701-D with the best sensor resolution, and ask why Troi is so sleepy all the time.

In news we find out who will be writing the Data-centric follow up to Cold Equations, learn why the books in the upcoming Seekers series suddenly have titles, check in on the full 2014 slate from Pocket Books, and get an update on IDW’s plans for John Byrne’s photo comic series. 

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