119: Unique Opportunity

Peter David: The Returned 

There are very few authors out there that can say they have worked for Dc Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse Comics and have written almost every major comic book character at some point in their career and to top it all off have gotten to play in the Star Trek universe, creating completely new characters and working with the established to build his own Trek playground.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther welcome Peter David to talk about The Returned series. We discuss his favorite working experiences and characters, the genesis of New Frontier, creating original characters, the tone of New Frontier, The Returned, writing Calhoun, The return of Q, The Dayan, what’s next for New Frontier, where to find Peter online and our final thoughts.    

In the news segment we talk about New Visions #8 as well are the release of the new James T. Kirk book. 



Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther



Peter David


Editor and Producer

Matthew Rushing


Executive Producers

C Bryan Jones and Norman C. Lao


Associate Producers

Ken Tripp

Will Nguyen 

Brandon-Shea Mutala


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



New Visions #8 (00:02:49)

James T. Kirk Book is Out (00:08:06)


Feature: Peter David

Introduction (00:12:11)

Favorite Working Experience (00:13:02)

Favorite Character to Write (00:14:25)

New Frontier’s Genesis (00:16:13)

Creating Original Characters (00:19:29)

The Tone of New Frontier (00:22:37)

The Returned (00:24:37)

Writing Calhoun (00:27:49)

The Return of Q (00:29:28)

The Dayan (00:30:17)

Next for New Frontier (00:33:02)

Peter Online (00:35:03)

Final Thoughts (00:37:04)


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