61: John Jacob Jingleheimer Harriman

Serpents Among the Ruins.

The Tomed Incident is a famous event in Star Trek history. But like so many such incidents, it's something we've heard in passing dialogue but never really learned much about. It was mentioned in three episodes of TNG—"The Neutral Zone," "The Defector," and "The Pegasus"—and one episode of Enterprise—"These Are the Voyages…" Okay... so four episodes of TNG. But what actually happened? This is what David R. George III answers in his Lost Era novel, Serpents Among the Ruins.

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones are joined by Drew Stewart and Dan Gunther to discuss the novel, what led to the Treaty of Algeron, why the Romulans retreated from galactic politics before resurfacing on TNG, and to the ban on Federation cloaking technology.

In our news segment we take a look at the final covers for Star Trek: Seekers 1 and 2 and get set for John Byrne's New Visions "The Mirror, Cracked."

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60: Hierarchy Over Hippocrates

Seasons of Light and Darkness.

Early in The Wrath of Khan, Doctor McCoy visits Admiral Kirk bearing gifts in honor of his birthday. The conversation isn't the most cheerful, and Bones asks why everyone is treating Kirk's birthday like a funeral. It was a telling moment between two close friends, but did you ever wonder happened next? In his novella Seasons of Light and Darkness, Michael A. Martin gives us a missing scene from The Wrath of Khan, one that explains why McCoy is such a curmudgeon, and why he is so concerned about his friend's state of mind.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones discuss Seasons of Light and Darkness, how it adds to the McCoy mythos, when it is acceptable to cast aside our own rules and ethics in the name of the greater good, and why, if you plan to appear on The Bachelor, you should make sure it isn't the Capellan edition.

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59: The Rough Seas of Love

Mission Gamma: Twilight.

When Deep Space Nine premiered, the stated goal of the Starfleet presence on the station and the purpose Sisko's mission was to prepare Bajor for Federation membership. As the series went on, this came close to happening once; but a warning from the Emissary put the issue on the backburner. Then the Dominion War happened. With all of that now in the past—and with other loose ends from "What You Leave Behind" either wrapped up or at least addressed—Mission Gamma sets Bajor back on a course for Federation membership and provides DS9 with a new TOS-like initiative to seek out new life and strange new worlds.

In the episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones are joined by Dan Gunther to continue our look at the DS9 relaunch series and kick off discussion of the four-part Mission Gamma. We discuss the character stories involving Bashir and Ezri, Vaughn and Prynn, how Kira is dealing with the Attainder, and what the future holds for Bajor and the United Federation of Planets.

In our news segment we get an update on Keith R.A. DeCandido's The Klingon Art of War, a New Frontier for Peter David, Dayton Ward's new TNG book Armageddon's Arrow, and we review the second issue of IDW's I, Enterprise comic.

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58: You're a Baby Daddy, Sulu!

The Captain's Daughter.

Star Trek Generations brought us a number of shocking moments—the death of Captain Kirk, the destruction of the Enterprise-D—but one with less severe consequences was the revelation that Hikaru Sulu had a daughter. It was just a nod to the passage of time and a nice tidbit for fans that created a connection between the Enterprise-A and Enterprise-B. But did it really make sense? Kirk certainly seemed surprised by it.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones discuss Peter David's solution to the Demora Conundrum, which came in the form of the 1995 novel The Captain's Daughter. We discuss each of the story's five main points—Death, First Date, Memorial, Parenthood, and Life After Death—and whether or not the solution adequately and believably fills in the backstory of that moment in Generations.

In our news segment we take a first look at the upcoming Ships of the Line art book, an attempt to reach younger fans with pop-ups, IDW's plans to bring Q to the Abramsverse, and the Starfleet Medical Officers special comics collaboration between IDW and the Tricorder X-Prize called Flesh and Stone.

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57: Semi-United and It Feels So Good

Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel.

The premature cancellation of Enterprise left fans in the dark about two key events in Star Trek history. The first was the Romulan War, which has since had light shone upon it by Michael A. Martin. The second is the founding of the Federation, a pivotal time that we still know almost nothing about. Until now that is. Christopher L. Bennett's Rise of the Federation series tells the story of those early years of unity—or semi-unity—and the first book, A Choice of Futures, explored the struggles faced by the Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites as they began to work together.

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones are joined by Dan Gunther or Trek Lit Reviews to discuss the second book in the series, Tower of Babel. We explore the internal debate over what form the Federation should take, as well as the external challenges that threaten to destroy the young union before it can spread its wings. We also find out what course Bennett has charted for familiar faces from Enterprise's television run, especially for Archer.

In our news segment we judge The Light Fantastic by its cover, find out what new stories may be set for Seekers, and drool over some very pricey, but very beautiful limited edition Star Trek / Doctor Who crossover sets from IDW. 

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56: An Orion West Side Story

Alien Spotlight, Part II.

Have Andorian fight scenes lost their luster? Want an Orion fight scene instead? How about a Romulan troubled by war? We all have our favorite alien races, and in 2007 IDW turned the spotlight on some of Star Trek's most famous aliens with a series of comics that told stories unique to each. In the episode of Literary Treks, Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones conclude our look at the first Alien Spotlight series with four more stories about Orions, Vulcans, Romulans, and Gorn. Where do you hide something when you have no pockets? How do you react when a Gorn wants to help you, not eat you? We find out.

In our news segment we discuss new blurbs for Una McCormack's The Missing and Greg Cox's Foul Deeds Will Rise, and find out more about Data's role in Jeffrey Lang's The Light Fantastic.

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55: We Are Bleeding Blue Tonight

Alien Spotlight, Part I.

Is assimilation your thing? How about a nice fight to the death with ice cleavers? Maybe you prefer a tall glass of kanar? We all have our favorite alien races, and in 2007 IDW turned the spotlight on some of Star Trek's most famous aliens with a series of comics that told stories unique to each. In the episode of Literary Treks, Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones take you through three of these stories and discuss a Borg plot to assimilate every life form in the galaxy at birth, Andoria's secessionist movement, and possibly Kira and Garak involved in some Cardassian plot… it's kind of hard to tell.

In our news segment we judge Michael A. Martin's Seasons of Light and Darkness by its cover, unveil yet another cover for IDW's version of "The City On the Edge of Forever," find out more about David Mack's Section 31: Disavowed, and do a beauty pass of Cross Cult's USS Voyager refit. Plus, we try to figure out if Batman is actually working for Section 31.

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54: We Never Use the B Word

Greg Cox: No Time Like the Past.

Star Trek characters from different eras meeting is nothing new. Picard met Spock. Scotty met Geordi. Julian met a stunning 23rd-century lieutenant that made him think he might be his own great-grandfather. But two characters we never thought would cross paths are Captain James T. Kirk and Seven of Nine. Yet that's exactly what happens in Greg Cox's new book No Time Like the Past. Presenting herself as Annika Seven, Voyager's former Borg drone finds herself in the presence of the man she's come to know as a legend through the tales of her own captain. But don't worry… the story doesn't follow the path you might first think.

In this episode of Literary Treks we're joined by Greg Cox to discuss No Time Like the Past, what it was like writing Seven for the first time, blending the flavors of The Original Series and Voyager, and the steps that Annika must take to never use the B word—BORG.

In our news segment we bring you the book trailer for Kirsten Beyer's Acts of Contrition, sneak a peek at artwork from IDW's rendition of "The City On the Edge of Forever," John Byrne's New Visions, and the remastered Gold Key comics, and we glimpse the contents of the Stardate Collection, Volume 2.

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53: More Like an Episode of Flying Circus

The Return of the Serpent.

During The Original Series, Kirk made many life-shattering decisions for civilizations he'd just met. In "The Apple," the discovery of naive humanoids living in a Garden of Eden-like setting on Gamma Trianguli VI was too much for the Captain to take. The people were happy, but they worshipped a god who turned out be a machine named Vaal. And when this machine saw Kirk as a threat, he destroyed it—leaving the People of Vaal in chaos. "Well, there goes paradise," quipped McCoy. End of story.

Or was it? In this episode of Literary Treks Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones are joined by Standard Orbit's Drew Stewart to discuss the three-part DC Comics story from 1987 called The Return of the Serpent. The comics tell the story of Kirk's return to Gamma Trianguli VI two decades later and the consequences of his actions in "The Apple"—and does so with the help of a dinosaur.

In our news segment we check in on Una McCormack's upcoming TNG book Home Again, which has been rebranded as a DS9 novel called The Missing, Greg Cox's TOS movie-era novel Foul Deeds Will Rise, and Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann's Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found). We also dig into the collaboration between IDW and Harlan Ellison to bring the original script for "The City On the Edge of Forever" to comics, check out Ryan Williams's Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide, and review Star Trek Ongoing #31, I, Enterprise, Part I.

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52: That Cold War Feeling

John Jackson Miller: Absent Enemies.

The Fall set the Star Trek universe on a new course, and what better way to usher in this brave new world than with the addition of a new face to the roster of renowned authors? John Jackson Miller may be new to Star Trek, but he's no stranger to those who love tie-in fiction. His work on Iron Man, Mass Effect, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is loved by comic readers worldwide, as are his Star Wars novels, including Kenobi. For his debut in the Star Trek universe, John brings us a Titan novella, Absent Enemies, that follows up on the events of The Fall. But as you'll find out, Absent Enemies is not the first time he's written Star Trek. Not even close.

In the episode of Literary Treks, John Jackson Miller joins us to talk about Absent Enemies, about writing both comic and fiction, both Star Wars and Star Trek, and his approach to capturing the source material and getting into character. We also discuss some of the inspirations for his stories, including his background in Soviet studies. There's even an unexpected connection to Literary Treks!

In our news segment we judge Fun with Kirk and Spock by its cover, take a peek at Dayton Ward's Pale Blue Dot, find out what's next for James Swallow, learn about John Byrne's Star Trek New Visions, and examine the latest update to the Trek Collective's Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Order flow chart.

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